Ford Fiesta Rear Ends A Lamborghini Aventador SV And Flees The Scene


A Ford Fiesta has been caught on camera rear-ending a Lamborghini Aventador SV in the UK and immediately fleeing the scene of the accident.

Footage posted to social media shows a bright blue Aventador SV traveling in the left lane with their brakes on and left turn signal flashing. As the driver slows down to make a left turn, the car is rear-ended by a Fiesta that was following close behind.

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The YouTube video reveals that the Aventador took quite a shunt while security camera footage from a nearby gas station reveals that immediately after the impact, the driver of the Fiesta sped away from the scene.

Writing on Instagram, the owner of the Lamborghini says he is still looking for the owner of the Fiesta and is offering a reward to anyone who can help find them. He makes no mention of whether or not the police are also involved.

It remains unclear how much damage was done to the rear of the Aventador. In all likelihood, its protruding rear bumper and diffuser took the brunt of the impact and will needed to be replaced. As for why the driver of the Fiesta fled the scene, we can only make assumptions, such as that they might not have had insurance, or if they did, they wouldn’t want their insurance premiums to get jacked up for years to come.

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