This Is What Happens When You Feed Random Items Into A Turbocharger


Forced induction, whether it be a turbocharger or a supercharger, comes in handy in increasing an engine’s output. However, we doubt you’d ever think of feeding a turbocharger anything other than air, preferably cool. Unless you’re Cleetus McFarland, of course.

Eager to see how a turbocharger’s impeller/turbine wheel goes at not making boost but instead dicing and slicing, the YouTuber fitted his C6 Corvette with an old Precision turbocharger and set up a target board to aim at.

One of the first items fed through the turbocharger was… a 175 cc breast implant. The turbo made easy work of it, throwing fragments of it throughout the workshop. Cleetus then tried to throw a much larger 650 cc implant, and while it took a few attempts, it too stood no chance and made a huge mess spewing out melted silicone.

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Things really stepped up a notch when he started feeding random food items into the turbocharger, including a banana, a twinky, and some other random objects.

Unsurprisingly, the turbocharger wasn’t too happy about it all and started to smoke pretty heavily, due in part to the fact that it was mounted the wrong way and wasn’t receiving the oil that it needs to run and operate smoothly.

A big Precision turbocharger like this costs several thousand dollars so potentially damaging one like Cleetus did isn’t a smart idea. Feeding things into the wheel is also quite dangerous, so we suggest you’d better not try this at home.

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