Lincoln MKT Proves No Match For A Steep And Icy Street


Winter still has its icy grip on much of the United States and that means drivers are dealing with some extreme conditions.

That’s certainly the case here as a Ring camera captured a Lincoln MKT struggling on an icy street.

As you can see, the crossover nears the top of a hill as a woman attempts to park in front of her house. While this typically wouldn’t be an issue, the combination of ice and angle proved too much to overcome.

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As soon as the driver stopped accelerating, the MKT began sliding backwards even though the brakes were being applied and preventing the wheels from spinning. The slide starts pretty slowly, but the vehicle picks up speed and eventually crashes into a pole before rotating 90 degrees. The MKT continuing rotating and the driver finds themselves going back down the hill face first.

The crossover eventually goes partly off the road and this brings the vehicle to a halt. Thankfully, the MKT wasn’t damaged and no one was hurt.

While there wasn’t much the driver could have done, other than accelerate, she sees the humor in the situation and told Ring it was “funny after the fact” and joked “Ice 1, Car 0.”

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