Watch This Guy Hilariously Crash A Ferrari 348 In Belgium


The driver of a Ferrari 348 found out the hard way what can go wrong if you’re too happy with the supercar’s throttle pedal.

This hilarious clip was recently shared to Reddit and quickly picked up traction across the platform. However, a quick search shows that the incident happened several years ago – the YouTube video we found is from 2015, though we don’t know if it’s the original or a copy. Either way, it appears to have been filmed in Belgium and is a very sad sight for anyone that considers themselves a Ferrari enthusiast.

The video starts off by showing the driver of the 348 slowing to a stop at an intersection prior to making a right-hand turn. Rather than making the right-turn in a calm and controlled manner like any responsible driver should, the man instead decided to plant his right foot to the floor, kicking out the tail of the 348.

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Had a more experienced driver done this, the slide could have been easily controlled but the driver in question looks to have overcorrected, immediately sending the Ferrari to the left before it slides into a brick wall on the side of the road.

The driver quickly puts the Ferrari in reverse and pulls back onto the road and for a moment, it seems as though he will try to drive off and leave the scene. Instead, he simply reverses a few feet and then pulls up on the curb, obviously embarrassed by his driving error.

The video doesn’t provide us with a view of the 348’s front end, meaning it is hard to know just how much damage it suffered. However, rest assured that whatever damage has done won’t be cheap to fix.

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