Red Ford Mustang Almost Takes Out Bystanders In Latest Crash


Another day and yet another Mustang has crashed, and while we’ve kinda gotten used to accidents involving Ford’s pony car, this time it was a bit more serious as the out of control car could have hit some bystanders.

As is so often the case with Mustang crashes, this incident happened outside a car show somewhere in the U.S. Evidently, the driver of the red muscle car wasn’t able to leave the show in a safe way and was unable to resist the urge to show off to attendees lining the side of the road.

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This video was filmed by a spectator sitting on a stone wall next to the sidewalk and initially shows the V8-powered Mustang accelerating away from the event. It’s unclear if the driver intentionally tried to powerslide the muscle car or if they inadvertently applied a little too much throttle but either way, the car’s rear-end kicked out and the driver was unable to control the slide.

Moments later, a pair of bystanders on the sidewalk run for their lives as they realize the Mustang is heading straight towards them. They are able to quickly get out of the way before the car mounts the curb and slides sideways into the stone wall, coming to a rest directly in front of the guy filming the whole thing. It was no doubt a scary experience but fortunately, none of the bystanders were hurt by the out-of-control Mustang.

As for the Mustang itself, the impact was forceful enough to trigger the airbags and crush the passenger side front quarter panel while also badly bending key suspension components and the wheel.

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