Indiana Pacers Prank Rookie By Filling BMW X6 With Popcorn


Being a rookie on an NBA team is a dream come true unless that team is the Indiana Pacers. In which case it might turn into a bit of a nightmare, as Cassius Stanley found out this week.

In a video shared to Twitter, the Pacers shooting guard found his BMW X6 surrounded by a surprising number of teammates after returning from an away game in Memphis early on Monday morning. When he opened the door, popcorn spilled out onto the parking lot.

According to Malcolm Brogdon, who shot and narrated the video, the prank was a punishment for Stanley not living up to his rookie duties.

“We’ve got a rookie that’s not really listening,” Brogdon says in the video. “My man can jump out the gym, but he can’t get towels after games. He ain’t coming in on off days and working out.”

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That reasoning has been used before, though, as points out. Early last season, Goga Bitadze, who can be seen sampling the popcorn and commenting on its saltiness, was involved in a similar rookie prank.

Another teammate, Myles Turner, complained that Bitadze didn’t listen or get towels in a video posted to Twitter. As punishment, they filled his Audi A7 with packing peanuts, much to his delight.

To be fair, packing peanuts leave much less butter on your brand new leather seats than popcorn, which may explain why Stanley is a little less charmed by the prank against him.

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