Maserati Levante Gets Wedged Under Bridge In California Following Police Chase


The driver of a Maserati Levante has been lucky to survive a scary crash following a brief police pursuit.

The California Highway Patrol’s Oakland office recently shared images online of a white Levante that crashed into the underside of a freeway in Los Angeles.

SF Gate reports that the 32-year-old male driver of the Maserati refused to stop for an officer attempting to pull him over on 580 westbound and accelerated to over 100 mph (160 km/h). Police began chasing him before he exited the freeway at West Street and drove up an embankment, hitting the underside of the freeway and getting wedged there.

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“It was a short-lived pursuit,” Officer David Arias said. “He didn’t make it far before he exited and as soon as he exited, instead of going straight, he veered left, went off the ramp and then went up the embankment and collided with the underside of the freeway.”

California Highway Patrol say the driver was taken to a local hospital after complaining about being in pain. He will face charges for reckless evading, authorities confirmed.

“It’s unbelievable that he didn’t die,” Arias added. “It’s crazy that he lived.”

The damage sustained to the Maserati is comprehensive and it will clearly be heading straight to a scrapyard. The edge of the freeway underpass wedged into the roof of the SUV and had the SUV been just a few inches to either the left or the right, the driver could have very easily suffered lethal head injuries.

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