This Toyota Corolla Only Needs Three Wheels To Drive In The Snow


Driving in snow requires a lot of skill and care; having a capable vehicle also helps. However, the owner of this Toyota Corolla has proven that you don’t even need four wheels to drive in the snow.

This clip was recently shared to YouTube after being filmed in the small town of Smoky Lake in Alberta, Canada. It shows the driver of a Toyota Corolla casually driving through an intersection without a worry in the world. Which would be perfectly fine, if not for the fact that the Corolla only has three wheels.

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We have no idea how the Japanese sedan ended up missing a wheel but it’s possible that it was torn off in some kind of incident. Another possible explanation is that the car got a flat tire and the owner thought it would be a smart idea to remove the wheel completely, rather than driving around on a deflated tire.

Whatever the case may be, the front-wheel drive Corolla manages to drive through the intersection without issue but while driving up a road with a small slope after the intersection, the driver makes the strange decision to hit the brakes, bringing the compact sedan to a stop. The video quickly cuts out so it is unclear what happens next, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the car started spinning its wheels the moment the driver hit the gas.

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